Property Owners

Dear Property Owner,

I am the founder and Director of BnB Residence and I am interested in renting your property. We have been looking after properties for a few years now and have an impeccable record. We have never missed a rent payment or broken a lease.

BnB Residence is a very successful AirBnB Business that allows people to experience what it is to live like a local. We treat our rented properties as if they were our own and give our AirBnB guests a 5-star experience.

Being an entrepreneur myself, my immediate questions and concerns I originally had may be similar to yours.

Let me address them now:

1. Random travelling strangers will trash my property?
We have found the opposite. AirBnB travelers know what AirBnB is all about and in our experience, treat their stays with respect. We make sure we screen every single booking to make sure they have at least 5 glowing reviews through AirBnB previously. We check and screen their ID and in 2 years have not had a single bad experience.

We also have a VERY strict no parties, no smoking and no pet’s policy that has to be adhered to and signed off on before their booking is accepted. We also check the property after every single stay. Your property is in good hands with BnB Residence.

2. Is that even legal?
Great question and one I made sure I looked into thoroughly before starting my business. Even though there were people already doing it, I wanted to make sure this was a long-term option with no grey areas. All my legal leases with landlords have been approved by property lawyers in every state of Australia. I can supply this documentation for you which is all fully compliant.
3. So how would it work? Are there any fees working with you?
No. I would be just like a tenant (The best tenant you ever had) I would pay a bond, rent up front and then a weekly or monthly rent just like a normal tenant. There are zero fees for you. You collect your guaranteed agreed rent and I will look after your property as if it were my own. You save on fees and have your house cared for with no hassles.
I even take care of any minor maintenance. For example, if a light bulb goes out or a kitchen draw breaks. I will just fix that at my cost and keep the house up to top standards. I don’t want to bother you with minor details or costs unless you want to be. Of course, major cosmetic procedures we would notify you and ask permission. We aim on having a long-term relationship with our property owners and a stress free experience for you while getting your best return, with no hassles.
4. What are the advantages of having BnB Residence as a tenant?
Please see our comparison chart below. In short, we have your house professionally cleaned after every single stay as opposed to a normal tenant doing it once in a while or never. If you have a furnished home there is less wear and tear on all appliances. AirBnB guests rarely use a dishwasher, dryer, kettle, TV, Dishwasher or washing machine. No agent fees. No parties, no smoking and no pets. A normal tenant is guaranteed to have at least one party during their tenancy if not every weekend. You will never have to worry about vacancies or missing out on rent. We pay on time every time and as long as we are both happy, then will always be keen to re-sign a long-term lease.
BnB Residence really are your hands free partners. We pride ourselves on having your property looking better than when we found it. I look forward to speaking with you soon and developing a mutually beneficial relationship.
I can be reached anytime on 1300 451 133
Thanks for considering BnB Residence
Senay Yohannes